LVMA Benefits and Services to Members

LVMA Membership Application
  • Monitors legislation:
    • The Legislative Committee closely monitors proposed bills that impact the practice of veterinary medicine, animal-owning clients and animal health and welfare. The Political Action Committee, a committee funded by member donations, support and enhances legislation that is positive to the veterinary profession and its clients and patients.  For a list of Louisiana House and Senate bills currently being tracked by the LVMA, click here.

  • Negotiates discount professional and personal services for members:
    • The Association has negotiated several professional and personal discounts for members, such as fee collection services, credit card rates and long distance telephone rates.

  • Provides continuing education opportunities:
    • The LVMA annually sponsors its Winter convention, the Summer Meeting, Southwest Veterinary Symposium and the Equine Seminar to assist members in their continuing education obligations.

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  • Conducts public relations for the profession in Louisiana:
    • The LVMA sponsors Heartworm Awareness Week and National Pet Week in the state. In addition, the Association sponsors booths at events, such as the Louisiana State Fair, and maintains liaison with allied organizations, such as the Louisiana Cattleman's Association.

  • Provides liaison between the profession and the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine:
    • The LVMA maintains the standing Student Committee to educate students to the advantages of the Association and to foster collegiality between students and practitioners. Also, the Association participates in the formulation, maintenance and monitoring of the referral policies of the veterinary school.

  • Publishes The Louisiana Veterinarian:
    • The Louisiana Veterinarian provides members with important news of the Association, fellow practicing veterinarians, the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine and the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

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  • Nominates candidates for the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine:
    • The LVMA routinely elects three candidates to forward in nomination to the Governor for each vacant position of the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine.

LVMA Relationship to the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine

The Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine (Board) is a consumer protection board as established by Louisiana statute. It regulates licensed veterinarians in the state and is completely separate from the LVMA. The LVMA does, however, works closely with the Board and provides nominations to the Governor for positions on the Board.  To view a copy of the Veterinary Practice Act, go to the LBVM website at www.lsbvm.org.