Sales Person of the Year

Sales Person of the Year Award

Beginning in 1990, the Sales Person of the Year Award was given to that individual for performing his or her duties in the most professional manner, servicing the veterinary community.

The following is a list of past recipients:
Year Winner Company
1990 Mike Stacy Burns Vet Supply
1991 Joe Hidalgo Norden Vet Supply
1992 James Pellerin Fort Dodge Laboratories
1993 Rick Sain The Butler Company
1994 Sue Bourgeois Ciba Animal Health
1995 Rob Simon Schering Plough Animal Health
1996 Racy Wells Pharmacia and Upjohn
1997 Sue Bourgeois Novartis Animal Health
1998 Joe Hidalgo Pfizer Animal Health
1999 Jamie Benoit Wayne LeBleu & Associates
2000 Jeff Reid Merial
2001 Tommy Mosley J.A. Webster
2002 Randy McKoin Pfizer Animal Health
2003 John Bonnette Novartis Animal Health
2004 Sue Bourgeois Pfizer Animal Health
2005 Tommy Mosley J.A. Webster
2006 Patrick Evans Novartis
2007 Katie Savoy Webster
2008 Lizzie Peyroux Novartis
2009 Daniel Walker Butler
2010 Amanda Clementi Intervet Schering-Plough
2011 Gary Britt The Butler Company
2012 Missy Gribble Pfizer
2013 Jimmy Rumore, Jr. Elanco
2011 Danielle Lane MWI Veterinary Supply